Welcome to Valley Bible Church!

We’re glad you have chosen to spend some time with us and hope that you have felt welcomed. Our hope is that we can be a place for you to come, ask hard questions, and see what life with Jesus looks like. We are not merely a Sunday meeting or an organization, but a community of people formed in and by Christ. We think of ourselves as a family on mission together.

Like any family, our shared life together is both beautiful and messy. In the midst of that beautiful mess, we believe that God is at work in and through us, transforming our hearts and lives together.

And, as a family on mission, we believe that God desires every member to be an active part of His work as He redeems and restores His lost children through the work of Christ and the power of His Holy Spirit. We would love for you to join us as we love the people of the New River Valley and watch what God does in and through us.

Our Sunday Gatherings

Small Groups