We are a redemptive community of imperfect people following Jesus together. 

It is our mission to love the people of the New River Valley and to see them transformed by the Gospel into authentic followers of Jesus Christ.


Worshipping God. We envision leading each other into authentic, spirit-filled worship as we express our love to God who has redeemed us. We aim to maintain a balance between being involved in culture and honoring traditions. We want to worship creatively while still uplifting timeless and unchanging truths of who God is.  We will seek to instill the Biblical principle of worshiping God with our entire lives; art, music, choices we make, the way we interact with others, prayer, and financial decisions to name a few.


Loving People. We envision VBC loving those who are skeptical about Christianity, those who don’t want anything to do with “religion” and those who have no background in the church.  We also envision loving those who are seeking after God and those who are familiar with the church. We see all of the above types of people coming into an authentic relationship with the God of the universe.


Making Disciples. We envision building up the body of believers into maturity through discipleship that will produce and multiply missional living (always seeking to further God’s kingdom by sharing Jesus with others). This discipleship will take place through close friendships, small group Bible studies, and Biblical preaching. We also see discipleship happening in the home as family relationships are restored and parents raise their children with integrity.


Living in Community. We envision VBC living together in an honest, diverse community made up of imperfect people who strive to love each other selflessly and sacrificially while sharing in life together.  We see God using our community to bring healing and redemption to our lives. Community will be central to accomplishing our mission to advance the Gospel. 


Proclaiming God's Word. We envision God's Word being clearly revealed through robust Biblical preaching on Sunday mornings as well as biblical small groups and relationships.  We see the proclamation of God's Word being used by God to change our lives.


Planting Churches. We envision VBC being a multiplying church as we partner to plant new churches in the New River Valley, State of Virginia, United States, and the World. We aim to partner with any church that is committed to the true Gospel and the advancement of God's kingdom. We are committed to reach the Nations with the Gospel through missions and the planting of healthy churches. 


Upholding Family. We envision VBC being a place where people of all ages can feel welcome. We see marriage and family being held as precious gifts to be nurtured. Our facility will reflect the value we place on our children as it provides safe and separate spaces for our children to be loved and taught about Jesus. We also want those who have come from broken families, divorce, and abuse to come and find a safe place of support and healing.


Cultural Renewal. We envision VBC being a part of downtown and seeking to meet the needs of the surrounding businesses. We want to care for the city of Radford and creatively instill a sense of pride in Radford and the New River Valley as we seek to renew and revitalize businesses, downtowns and neighborhoods.Going a step further, we want to see our city and valley experience a renovation of mentalities and stereotypes that have traditionally come with this geographic region. Our goal is to see diversity celebrated and embraced. We see VBC sharing Jesus with others as we seek the renewal of the valley.