Our Mission 

It is our mission to love the people of the New River Valley and to see lives transformed by the Gospel into authentic followers of Jesus Christ.


Core Identities

We are a redemptive community of imperfect people following Jesus together with our lives shaped by four core identities. To hear sermons related to each of these please hit up our Core Identities series.



The Gospel is the good news that the God-man Jesus Christ has won the decisive victory over the kingdom of darkness by coming in the flesh and fulfilling the righteous requirements of God's Law in our place. He then bore the weight of our sin and God's just wrath against us and was crucified in our place before rising victorious in our place. We respond to this good news by turning from our sin and trusting Him as our Savior and King. 



The Gospel saves us and brings us into a new family knit together in Christ. Old dividing walls of racial, ethnic, or cultural hatred were crushed under the cross of Christ and he now unites us in his body. In this new community, we experience his grace through one another, and our in unity we display his power and beauty to a watching world. 



All of life is lived before the face of God and every moment is an opportunity to glorify Him. God designed us to flourish with regular rhythms of work, rest, and corporate worship. When we gather together for regular corporate worship, we are invited to participate in the story of the Gospel through our sermons, songs, prayers, and sacraments, and we are reoriented toward Him as our source of life, meaning, and true joy. 



God is on a mission to seek and save his lost and rebellious people, and to bring to completion his project to restore justice, goodness, and beauty on earth as it is in heaven. He calls every one of us to serve his mission as his kingdom representatives. Every follower of Jesus is on mission, sharing and promoting the Gospel while making disciples of all peoples. 


To hear sermons related to each of these please hit up our Core Identities series.