“...to equip the saints for the work of the ministry, for building up the body of Christ, until we all attain the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God…”

—Ephesians 4:12

Equip exists to provide a venue for deeper study and discussion in the essentials of Christian Doctrine, with the goal of practical transformation played out in everyday life. We aim for these courses to equip Valley Bible Church members and attendees for the work of the ministry and to help build them up into maturity in Christ. 

Equip is a three-year program consisting of eight core classes and four electives. Each class will be on a six-week schedule. We will offer two core courses and at least one elective course most semesters. Once the program has been completed, graduates will be honored in a ceremony and potentially serve in administering future classes. 

Course Offerings


Bible Study Methods: an overview of Biblical theology, along with workshop training in using basic interpretive tools

Christian Doctrine: an overview of “mere Christianity,” theological beliefs common to the great tradition of Christians over space and time

Old Testament Survey: an overview of the authors, books, and themes of the Old Testament, and how they relate to the New Testament

New Testament Survey: an overview of the authors, books, and themes of the New Testament, and how they relate to the Old Testament

Missions: a biblical study on the “Missio Dei” (the mission of God) and how the church is to participate with God on his mission on earth

Sanctification: an overview of how people grow in Christ-likeness

Missional Living: a study on how to love our neighbors through hospitality, intentionally being present, and bringing the gospel to our neighbors where they are

Gospel: an overview of what the Gospel is and what it isn’t, including a survey of controversies (historical and current) surrounding the definition of the Gospel


Financial Stewardship: a biblical and practical guide to managing financial resources to God’s glory

Race, Justice, and the Gospel: an in-depth social and biblical survey of themes of justice and ethnicity in the Bible, and how the Gospel helps the church be a just society

Gender and Sexuality: a Biblical anthropology (study of man) with a special focus on God’s intentions in our engendered bodies regarding sexual desires and activities

Parenting: a workshop for applying Biblical principles to parenting well

Church History: a survey of the history of the church, with a special focus on worldview formation

Vocation: an overview of God’s calling (for every person) into place, work, family, etc.



Fall 2019:

Bible Study Methods

Christian Doctrine

Spring 2020:



Fall 2020:

Old Testament Survey

Missions/Church History

Spring 2021:

New Testament Survey

Missional Living/Parenting

Fall 2021:

Bible Study Methods

Christian Doctrine/Vocation

Spring 2022:

Gospel/Race, Justice, & Gospel

Sanctification/Gender & Sexuality